Porto Incident Response Demonstration

Porto Incident Response Demonstration

The partners of Project NETMAR are getting ready for the last demonstration of the project.

On May 28th and 29th, partners will meet at Porto de Leixões, Portugal for another exercise regarding maritime safety, incident response and oil spill control.
In this simulation a ship is reported to have sunk North of Porto and oil spill has been detected, near shore, a few kilometers south.

To assess the situation and provide communication with external entities, a command center is established at Porto Harbor. Two teams are then dispatched. One team heads north to survey the sunken ship whereas the second team will be responsible for aerial imagery assessment.

The survey of the sunken ship will be assured by LAUVs developed at LSTS with a help from a ROV from University of Limerick which will be put to test to provide a clear image of the ship condition. Drifters will also be deployed contributing with real time positions of the currents a thus helping in the prediction the oil spill heading.

The second team will launch unmanned aerial vehicles developed by Tecnalia and LSTS to evaluate the evolution of the oil spill allowing a more effective deployment of containment barriers.

With this simulation we aim to demonstrate how technology can improve the response to this kind of incident that has such a big impact in the environment and local economy.

All detail of the demostration can be found here: http://project-netmar.eu/meetings-and-events/porto-incident