Porto vs. Lisbon: Which city wins travel rivalry?

Porto vs. Lisbon: Which city wins travel rivalry?

If you are planning on visiting Lisbon or Porto but you´re not sure which city to choose, CNN gives you a little insight on both cities.

We could give you our personal suggestion but since we are based in Porto we may not be completely impartial. ;)

Lisbon has established itself as Europe's hippest city-trip destination over the past couple of years, but now it has a rival that's a little too close for comfort. 

Portugal's second-city, Porto, is giving the capital a run for its money as the place to go for a unique blend of history, balmy weather, culture, cooking and nightlife. 

With its old riverside center designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its chefs picking up a growing constellation of Michelin stars, as well as its world-beating wines and vast stretches of sandy shore on its doorstep, Porto certainty has a lot to offer, but can it really challenge Lisbon as Europe's capital of cool?

We've put the two leading cities of Portugal head-to-head to find who has the best beaches, the tastiest snacks, the most opulent old cafés and trendiest boutiques.

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