REP 13

REP 13

REP 13 (Rapid Environment Picture), a yearly exercise, brought together this time, the Portuguese Navy, LSTS - FEUP and members of the Autonomous Systems group at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Moss Landing, California, to an extensive exercise which put to test all the capabilities of all vehicles.

From 7th  to 19th  July, around Sesimbra and Setubal areas, our vehicle preformed several surveys above and underwater. 

AUV’s were used in the detection of multiple targets, collection of data from the water column and to survey extensive areas like the entrance to Setubal harbor.

The UAV’s turned out to be a useful tool to detect ocean fronts, using the built-in cameras. This was not an objective defined in the beginning of this exercise, but the results showed that this could be another point of investment in a near future. 

This exercise was also the opportunity to do the first trial of our Wavy drifter.

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