Data Centralization

Ripples is a web infrastructure that is used for improving situational awareness of operators as well as keeping external collaborators (scientists, general public) in the loop.

Ripples aggregates data being collected in real-time by assets deployed in the field. This data can flow in from opportunistic satellite data packets or from steady links existing between assets in the field and the Internet. For all deployed assets, Ripples can be queried for their past states as well as planned future states.

The most visible aspect of Ripples is its front-end (available from This frontend shows the vehicle locations in real-time as well as past positions in predictions of their locations in the future, according to reported plans. Moreover, a multitude of external data sources is also integrated into this frontend such as metocean forecasts, ship traffic, bathymetry and other tiled maps.


 Web entry points for storing situational awareness information like asset positions, mission specifications and collected data.

Real-time updates

Asset positions are updated in real-time on browsers running in desktop and mobile devices. In the case of mobile devices their own position is also updated on the map, in real-time.

Configurable maps

Different map sources can be used including Open Street Map, Bing Maps and ESRI Maps. Maps can also be augmented with weather information shown as additional layers.

Planning interface

When logged in, users can suggest or command plans to the deployed vehicles. These plans are sent over satellite, validated onboard the vehicles and then scheduled for execution.

Support for continuous operations

After plans are sent for the vehicles, Ripples can take care of monitoring vehicle safety and warning operators (via SMS) only when attention is needed. Ripples monitors vehicle batteries, faults reported and potential collisions with surface traffic.