Keila Lima

Software Developer
Short Bio

Keila Lima is a software engineer at LSTS-FEUP graduated in Network and Information Systems Engineering in the Computer Science Department of University of Porto. Her work in LSTS began with her masters thesis whose main contribution was the creation of Dolphin, a domain-specific language (DSL) embedded in the Groovy language and integrated with LSTS Software Toolchain. This DSL addressed the control and coordination of multiple robots via the composition of tasks and its automatic allocation in an autonomous vehicle network. 

Keila’s main role in the lab has been contributing to the lab’s open source software toolchain, ranging from low-level firmware to high-level multi-vehicle coordination tools. Besides software development, she has been on the field multiple times as an operator in land, coastal areas and the open sea.

She is highly motivated to work in sustainable and environmentally focused projects, and she is also very interested in merging new technologies and vendors combining their control functionalities and enabling new ones.