GLUED is a minimal Linux distribution targeted at embedded systems.


  • Lightweight Linux Distribution

    GLUED contains only the necessary packages to run on an embedded system, making it a light and fast distribution.

  • Cross Compilation Ready

    Designed with cross compilation in mind, it is easy to get GLUED ready for your target system.

  • Easy to Configure

    By editing simple text files and running short commands, you will be able to configure and cross compile GLUED for the target system.

  • Compiled and Tested Against Many Platforms

    GLUED has been tested and compiled against Intel x86, Sun SPARC, ARM, PowerPC and MIPS.

  • Description

    GLUED was designed with embedded systems in mind, therefore it is easily configurable for cross compilation.

    The first step to build GLUED for a particular system is to create a configuration file.
    You may easily add or remove packages from the distribution by editing or creating new configuration files.
    These configuration files contain details about the system's architecture, packages that will be part of the distribution and network configuration.