Communications hub for data dissemination and situation awareness



    Web entry points for storing situational awareness information like asset positions, mission specifications and collected data.

  • Real-time updates

    Asset positions are updated in real-time on browsers running in desktop and mobile devices. In the case of mobile devices their own position is also updated on the map, in real-time.

  • Configurable maps

    Different map sources can be used including Open Street Map, Bing Maps and ESRI Maps. Maps can also be augmented with weather information shown as additional layers. 


  • Description

    Cloud Services used for accessing, storing and relaying real-time asset information. Ripples is used to collect data from different sources and maintain a global situation. It can be accessed through the Web (using REST APIs) or Iridium.

    Ripples is also used to connect to remote assets by serving as a proxy between Iridium and the Web. All data being sent and received from remote devices is stored in Ripples, enabling coordination among geographically distributed teams, even in communications-restricted environments.

    On top of the web services, Ripples can also display an up-to-date global situation of ongoing deployments. Current version of Ripples is accessible from: