Waterproof multi-rotor system, with payload capacity up to 800g and 20 minutes of autonomy.

Developed to terrain mapping operations with different types of cameras, with capacity to collect water samples and deploy sensors (data-loggers). Due to its ability to land in water when coupled with an acoustic modem, it also extends the communication network between submerged vehicles and a communications hub on the surface.




  • Terrain Mapping

    Making use of the on-board camera and the on-board CPU the vehicle manages to create a map of the operation area through image mosaicing

  • Network Extension

    Through the on-board Wi-Fi modem the vehicle can not only transmit data back to the operation station but can also extend an existing Wi-Fi network for field operation. Also capable of carrying an underwater acoustic modem the vehicle can communicate with underwater systems thus extending the communication range from operation station to submerged systems.

  • Sensor Deployment

    Using a servo activated payload release mechanism and the on-board CPU the vehicle can autonomously release different types of sensors at specific locations.

  • Water Sample Collection

    The vehicle is capable of carrying two small syringes on its bottom, land on the water and collect two separated samples, at any given location, that can be used for later analysis.

  • Specifications


    55 cm


    Starting at 3.5 up to 4 Kg


    Up to 20 min

    Maximum Altitude

    1000 m

    Wind tolerance

    Max 19 Kts


    GoPro3 HD 1080p gravação on-board and analogic live streaming


    Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and radio RC 2.4GHz