The Pilatus medium sized UAV is a robust solution for a large array of exercises from algorithm testing and terrain mapping to operational surveillance and long duration flights. This system requires a small two manned operation with a single laptop setup configuration. Its payload capacity allows for a plethora os different sensors which make the vehicle very adaptable to mission objectives.




  • Security & Surveillance

    Capable of carrying a small digital High Definition IP video camera the vehicle can perform video reconnaissance (up to 10Km) of the operation theater. Video is either transmitted in real time to the operation station or stored on board for later analysis.

  • Network Extension

    Through the on-board Wi-Fi modem the vehicle can not only transmit data back to the operation station but can also extend an existing Wi-Fi network for field operation.

  • Autonomous Navigation

    Using either commercial autopilot or in-house created solutions, these vehicles are capable of manual and autonomous flight from hand launch to net-recovery landing.

  • Terrain Mapping

    Making use of the on-board camera and the on-board CPU the vehicle manages to create a map of the operation area through image mosaicking.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Among the various sensors integrated in the LSTS tool chain there is the possibility of acquiring and streaming thermal imagery to ground units.

  • Specifications


    240 cm


    200 cm


    Starting at 3.5 up to 8.0 Kg


    Up to 120 min

    Maximum Altitude

    1000 m

    Wind tolerance

    Mean 15 Kts | Max 17 Kts


    HD 720p on-board recording and streaming | Gobi-384 | AD-080 GE


    Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz


    GSM/HSDPA Quad-band 3G module