Technological Goals

  1. Persistent operations with multiple vehicles with applications in security, defense, and science;

  2. Simplified launch and recovery procedures for underwater, surface, and air vehicles to minimize logistic support;

  3. Distributed ocean space center for remote situational awareness and tasking of heterogeneous vehicles;

  4. Vehicles with multi-domain (air-surface) capabilities for sampling and communications networking;

  5. MIDAR capability demonstrations;

  6. Coordinated ASV/UAV operations with vision based landing;

  7. Coupling remote sensing and field operations;

  8. Integrated data management for situational awareness – distributed ocean space center.

Scientific Goals

  1. UAS-based sea surface temperature and ocean color measurements;

  2. Sampling internal waves;

  3. Coastal fronts/Lagrangian structures.

Security/Defense Goals

  1. Characterization of side-scan and magnetometer performance;

  2. Multi-vehicle cooperative mine warfare.