BLUEEYE - Sistema de Suporte as Operações Maritimas


The Blue Eye project arose from the need to overcome the challenges related to the efficiency and effectiveness of maritime missions related to Search and Rescue (SAR), maritime supervision and environment protection. In order to improve the anticipation capability and responsiveness when facing SAR incidents, illicit activities or environmental disasters, innovative technological solutions are needed.
The Blue Eye project aims to investigate and develop technology that will increase efficiency and effectiveness in maritime safety, security and environmental protection operations. The project consortium comprises:

  • University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering (LSTS)
  • Critical Software SA
  • The Portuguese Navy
  • Hydrographic Institute

The Portuguese Navy operational context is characterized by the:

  • existence of more and more stovepipe, independent systems;
  • growing need of sharing information between other entities with responsibilities on the Maritime domain;
  • increasing volume of information which needs to be processed faster.

These aspects cause difficulties in the decision process and decrease the speed of responsiveness, thus affecting the effectiveness of the operations