The MARINE project aims at creating and fostering a Network of Excellence to promote the development and the transfer of knowledge and innovation in the field of maritime incidents within the context of maritime security and of protection of marine habitats.

This involves the setting up of a network of expert bodies in research and development of innovative activities as well as the establishment of links with users and technology transfer organizations. Focus on systems based on:

autonomous (air, surface, underwater) vehicles
networked devices
remote sensing
The strategic objectives of the MARINE network are to:

Develop a model of organization excellence based on a network structure.
Stimulate the development and the creation of competitive economic activities.
Lead the development of new technologies, techniques, high added-value products and services addressed to the identified application fields.
Identify regional and industry strengths and weaknesses and promote solutions for the relevant social, technological and commercial challenges in the field of maritime incidents.
Contribute to the internationalization of the network as well as of the involved entities, profiting from the high international demand concerning the application domain.
Build a sustainable network for Research and Innovation in Maritime Incidents.