The main objective of this project is to contribute to the development of a scientific framework for the systematic design and deployment of deploy networked vehicle and sensor systems (NVSS) in new applications with strong societal and scientific impact such as oceanographic or environmental surveys with high temporal and spatial resolution.
To achieve this objective we propose an interdisciplinary approach with a technology push driven by researchers in control, computation, communications, sensing and vehicle design from the Universities of Porto and Minho in Portugal, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, from the University of California at Berkeley in the USA and from the Porto Polytechnic Institute; and an application pull driven by earth and environmental scientists from CIIMAR (the largest Portuguese Institute devoted to marine and environmental research) and Porto University.
The project will actively pursue cross-disciplinary interactions with European Networks of Excellence such as Euron (Robotics research), Artist (Embedded Systems Design), and Marbef (Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning) and with the Control and Dynamic Systems Alliance (Caltech, Santa Barbara, Princeton, Porto, Campinas and Lund universities).