The RAIA TEC project comes after several previous partnerships, with particular regard established over the RAIA and projects. In previous, RAIA and projects, a network of marine observation platforms which provides meteo-oceanographic information, in real time, along the Galician-Portuguese coast, was implemented. The RAIA Project TEC focuses on increasing the performance and environmental monitoring capacity, with special emphasis on the provision of data to the coastal area north of Portugal - Galicia. The overall goal of RAIA TEC Project is to increase the performance, availability and flexibility of the equipment and structures that give effective capacity to monitor and manage the marine environment, and these collected data structures and also placed at the disposal of all stakeholders in use this space. The specific objectives of RAIA TEC Project are:

  1. Increase the number of applications and interoperability between IT platforms that provide information to the public and to specialized users of meteo-oceanographic data and its analysis and product services;
  2. Test the latest generation sensors and allow access to your data;
  3. To evaluate the Sea of ​​support structure;
  4. Develop and test solutions for the use of renewable energy on board buoys and oceanographic equipment support structures;
  5. Implement robust acoustic communications systems failures and which eliminate or minimize the satellite traffic used in the Observatory RAIA

Project funded by the Operational Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation Portugal - Spain 2007-2013.

Partners: University of Aveiro, Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Institute, Systems Engineering and Computer Institute of Porto and Hydrographic Institute in Portugal; and Research Center for Environment and Sea Technology Centre del Mar, Consellería de Medio Ambiente, Territorio and Infrastructure, Physical Oceanography Group of the University of Vigo, Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Investigacións Institute Mariñas and Tecnolóxico Institute for the Control of Medio Mariño de Galicia, Spain (Galicia).