Squirtle is the LSTS Mini ROV integration of the BlueRobotics BlueROV2 platform. This system is another example of integration of COTS hardware into LSTS toolchain, enabling the control and command in our typical network. 

For the control part, previous integrations were used from UAV Ardupilot projects having now also support for manual control for the Ardusub subproject. Besides the original ROV configuration, this system also has an acoustic modem which can be used for communication and positioning with other nodes underwater. This ROV model is also suitable for expanding its capabilities and payload modularly.

Fleet: 1



Length 457 mm
Width 338 mm
Height 254 mm 
Weight in Air (with Ballast) 10-11 kg
Maximum Rated Depth 100 m
Maximum Forward Speed 1.5 m/s 3 knots
6 thrusters 4 Vectored | 2 Vertical



Brightness 2 or 4 x 1500 lumens each with dimming control
Light Beam Angle 135 degrees



Camera 1080p digital, USB, Low Light
Camera Field of View 80 degrees horizontally
Tilt Range +/- 90 degree camera tilt (180 total range)
Tilt Servo

Hitec HS-5055MG



3-DOF Gyroscope
3-DOF Accelerometer
3-DOF Magnetometer
Internal barometer
Blue Robotics Bar 30 Pressure/Depth & Temperature Sensor (external)
Current and Voltage Sensing
Leak Detection



Battery Life (Normal Use) 2-3 hours w/ 18Ah battery
Battery Life (Light Use) 4-6 hours w/ 18Ah battery 



Diameter 7.6 mm
Length 25-300 m
Working Strength 45 kgf/100 lbf
Buoyancy in Freshwater Neutral
Buoyancy in Saltwater Slightly positive
Conductors 4 twisted pairs, 26 AWG


Underwater Imaging and Inspection
Acoustic Communication