Bruno Loureiro

Hardware & Electronics / Project Manager
Short Bio

Bruno Loureiro is an Electronic Engineer responsible for the development of dataloggers for the area of marine biology in the scope of the project “MarInfo – Integrated Platform for Marine Data Analysis and Acquisition.”
His degree was in Electronic Engineering and Computer Networks in 2008, and recently he obtained a masters in software, which comes in handy when we need to develop firmware and mobile applications to manage our loggers and to analyze the data they collect.

Along his professional and scientific career, he worked for eight years in the Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory, where he acquired experience with autonomous vehicles and systems. During that time, he was responsible for the hardware team. Here he developed dataloggers, power control boards, communication gateways, drifters, and other electronic systems.

He is interested in the development of embedded systems, electronics design, 3D printing, and development of mobile applications.



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