João Galante

Hardware prototyping / CAD design
Short Bio

João Galante is a Research Fellow at the Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory (LSTS). Tasked with the development and production of all the mechanical components for the LSTS Fleet of autonomous vehicles. Starting with CAD drawings & design, to the production, assembling & testing, João focus on meeting the team ́s requirements for sturdy and functional Vehicles while also striving to find better solutions for the different projects LSTS has.
Currently the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, João Leads a team of 3-4 junior engineers. He is also frequently called upon to contribute and manage larger teams, composed mostly by engineers and scientists of different backgrounds. João is also responsible for Project Management, budget & logistics concerning product suppliers and in situ testing of new products.

From aerial vehicles, to surface and underwater vehicles, João's efforts contribute to broaden the capabilities of the LSTS and keep a sustainable presence in maritime environment missions.

His areas of interest include 3D Printing Technologies, Water-land hybrid vehicles and creating new, out-of-the-box solutions, for demanding scenarios.



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