We must learn to both sustainably exploit and protect our vast oceans, provider of oxygen, food, hydrocarbons and other resources. A solution lies in sensing and interacting through an Internet of Things, with distributed networks of intelligent sensors and actuators. Unfortunately, we currently lack a marine Internet, crucial to achieve distributed, coordinated and adaptive control, due to the rapid absorption of light and radio waves in seawater.

SUNRISE directly addresses FIRE objectives by combining technology with novel paradigms in new, open experimental facilities, integrating physical systems with software development into the Internet of Underwater Things. It is the first project that develops this concept, based on joint research performed in this directions by University of Rome La Sapienza, CMRE, and some of the other partners, in the last few years. SUNRISE will also provide a way to select Internet of Underwater Things standards based on objective measures of performance, strengthening in its facilities as more sites are added in the future as a result of the two envisioned open calls.

Project Coordinator: Chiara Petrioli


  • Universita' degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza;
  • CMRE;
  • EvoLogics GmbH;
  • Universidade do Porto (FEUP),
  • Universiteit Twente;
  • Sualti Sistemleri Teknoloji Gelistirme Sanayi Tikaret Sua;
  • The Research Foundation of State University of New York;
  • Nexse S.r.l.