The OceanScan wants to diversify the supply of its catalogue of products, including the series of autonomous vehicles surface. Since some time that invests in a new range of vehicles, the Light - Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LAUV), which are little more than platforms with capabilities of underwater navigation, with low costs of production and operation. Today provides a platform basis (winner of the prize Innovation BES), but customers demand new features and characteristics. Thus the work of OceanScan has been directed towards the development of this platform, which intends to present to customers in 4 different versions: OEM, INSTITUTIONAL, PROFESSIONAL and EXTREME. Since the version EXTREME (Xtreme) an evolution of other 3 earlier, proposed in this application, with the entity FEUP, builds on previous projects where it has been demonstrated the ability of this entity in the area of the underwater system. This nomination, also wants to use the synergies with other entities (Portuguese Navy of War, and APDL, SA), which may well contribute to the success of this project, in an area of great development potential, as evidence the market studies carried out.