Wavy drifter buoy was designed to be deployed in coastal sea waters or in a river.

It is equipped with the necessary devices to measure, log and report on its own position, even under rough sea conditions.

The outer casing was designed to be resistant to plunging against the rocks.
The structure will absorb the impact, keeping the inner electronics intact and able to carry on with its duty.

Depending on the currents, it may be deployed several times in the same day thanks to its long battery life.

Using just a laptop and a mobile phone, it is easy to configure and operate Wavy.

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  • Constant GPS signal

    Wavy is fitted with two GPS modules. One of the antennas points up and another one points down, so that if the structure flips due to wavy motion, the GPS signal is not lost.

  • Easy to track down

    From time to time, Wavy will send its position in an SMS to a predefined recipient, so that the user is able to track and then recover the buoy.

  • Wireless Communications

    Using wireless technology the user is able to download the data gathered by Wavy, and configure its behavior.

  •  Simple Interface

    Rotating the connector allows the user to turn Wavy on and off or to start logging data. The connector is removed when the batteries must be recharged.

  • Long Battery Life

    Under full working conditions, Wavy can operate for more than one day.

  • Light And Resistant

    Built with light yet strong materials, Wavy can be easily deployed and recovered while sustaining a considerable amount of stress and shock.

  • Specifications


    Solid-state Storage

    8 MiB / Up to 36 hours of logs at 1Hz of GPS update rate / Up to 10.000 hours of logs sampling every 5 minutes


    Supported frequency bands: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz


    Frequency of operation: 2480 MHz


    Position Accuracy:


    4400mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion battery / Up to 18 hours continuous operation sending one SMS every minute / Up to 25 hours continuous operation sending one SMS every 5 minutes

    Operating Temperature

    -10ºC to 70ºC

    Form Factor

    12cm diameter


    Inductive charging / Approximately 10 hours of charging time



    Inductive Charger


    90 - 264V ~



    Bluetooth Pen for PC


    USB 2.0


    Frequency of operation: 2480 MHz



    Software for PC (WavyHub)

    Operating System Compatibility

    Windows XP or later, Linux, Mac OS