The Edge is a Vertical TakeOff and Landing platform, a tricopter with tilt-rotors hybrid solution between conventional fixed-wing and multirotors. As the name states,they are able to takeoff and land vertically (like multirotors) and then perform the flight in plane mode. This characteristic makes them perfect for ship-based operations, as they don’t require a lot of space and logistics to takeoff and land, but still have the endurance and speed of a fixed-wing. Platform tailored for ship-based operations and oceanography.

Fleet: 1

Wingspan 130 cm
Endurance Up to 90min
Max Speed Up to 26 m/s
Wind Tolerance Up to 40 knots wind gusts
Maximum Payload 150g
Communication Wifi 2.4 GHz
Payloads Flir Duo R (RGB+IR) | DMS detection sensor | Parrot Sequoia


Simplified Logistics

Requires no nets, catapults, or runway, just a 2m clear area to takeoff and land. The payload section is swappable via a twist-lock system, which allows a quick reconfiguration of the platform after landing. Assembly and disassembly of the platform doesn’t require tools (detachable arms and wings).

Maritime Operations

The Edge platform was developed with maritime operations in mind, being watertight resistant capable of enduring light rain, flight times up to 90 minutes and wind gusts up to 40 knots.


Platform tailored for ship-based operations and oceanography. Long endurance and payloads available include RGB and IR cameras (geotagged images) and a DMS detection sensor.

Network Extension

Through the on-board Wi-Fi modem the vehicle can not only transmit data back to the operation station but can also extend an existing Wi-Fi network for field operation.

Autonomous Navigation

Using either commercial autopilot or in-house created solutions, these vehicles are capable of manual and autonomous flight during all stages of the mission.