Science Robotics - Toward adaptive robotic sampling of phytoplankton in the coastal ocean


From a scientific point of view, coastal waters are particularly interesting due to their heterogeneous characteristics influenced by factors such as currents, wind and fresh water runoff. However, such environment is also a challenge to study due to its dynamic spatiotemporal variation.

In the article “Toward adaptive robotic sampling of phytoplankton in the coastal ocean” NTNU researchers present methods and results from field experiments using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with embedded algorithms that focus sampling on features in three dimensions.

Data presented in this article was collected near Runde Island, Norway with the use of a LAUV and subsequently verified and supplement with other sensing instruments and measurements.

Among the authors you will find Renato Mendes and Kanna Rajan, researchers affiliated with LSTS and who have been collaborating in several projects in the last years.

The article is now available in the latest number of Science Robotics, with a picture of the LAUV during operations in Runde in its cover.

Article available at:

Cover of Science Robotics, featuring LAUV- Harald during operations near Runde Island, Norway