The project concerns the demonstration, evaluation and dissemination of new robotic systems, sensors and networking technologies in maritime incidents endangering human life, the environment and economic activities.
The project is organized around demonstrations led by the operational partners for 3 types of maritime incidents: harbor in the proximity of a metropolitan area, estuary and open sea. Universities and R&D institutions will demonstrate new tools and technologies and evaluation methodologies.
Planning and return on experience workshops will contribute to transition tools and technologies to operational practice and to companies, local, regional, national and EU authorities; technological and business challenges will be presented to EU networks of Excellence and funding agencies.

Interreg project led by LSTS with partners from Portugal (Porto harbor, Portuguese Navy and Portugal harbors association), Spain (Tecnalia, Puertos de Galicia and University of Coruña), Ireland (University of Limerick, Shannon-Foynes Port Company and National Maritime College of Ireland), France (ENSTA) and the United Kindgom (University of Southampton, UK Maritime Coastguard Agency and UK Oilspill Association).