SAFEPORT is an offline Decision Support System (DSS) integrated in ports and harbours defence system which is composed by a layer of sensors, mobile platforms and personnel. These resources are used to detect and counteract threats that might compromise harbour security. This project is sponsored by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), represented by the Portuguese Navy and it.s intended to be used by any defence force responsible for harbour security.

The implementation of this Decision Support System is performed by a consortium consisting of EDISOFT, S.A. and its partners FCUL (Faculty of Science of Lisbon University), FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto) and UE (Evora University), with special collaboration from the NATO.s agency NURC. The SAFEPORT system main purpose is to provide adequate and effective resource allocation plans and evaluate these plans against plausible scenarios. A scenario is any particular combination of threats. profile, port.s surrounding environment (terrain topography, infrastructures, climate, and maritime traffic distribution) and port resources.

The system has two basic functionalities: one is the ability to provide the best distribution and configuration of human resources and sensors available for use in the harbour defense; the other one is the possibility to assess and evaluate those configuration solutions through intensive use of simulation. The simulation uses computer software models of real equipments (physical-based models of sensors, mobile platforms), environment, threats and personnel. The latter is modelled using artificial intelligence that will strive to mimic the tactical behaviour of real world agents. The scenario in the SAFEPORT system is the basic system input for the simulation (as well as for the field trials, where exercises are performed with real equipments, personnel and environment conditions). The scenario is executed either during simulation or during real trials, with the purpose of assessing and evaluating the defense system effectiveness.