REP(MUS)21 - Mine Counter Measure


MCM: Mine Counter Measure is an exercise coordinated by Nato Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence (NMW) aiming for more effective missions and interoperability by providing comprehensive expertise on Naval Mine Warfare. This edition of the REP(MUS) exercise, has about twelve participants among NATO, its allies, partner nations, academia and industry.

Besides the typical missions for mine detection and C3 networks, this year LSTS was part of the Collaborative Interoperable Autonomy Experiments. These experiments' goal was to achieve interoperability under the new standard SCI 343 framework and conduct collaboration between multiple autonomous systems. This initiative involved joint work between LSTS, TNO and NSWC-PCD.

In the future of MCM, the goal is to have common processes and procedures regarding mine detection to have more effective results to reduce the risk of missions.


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