Meet Choi Wang Dzak


IMC stands for Inter-Module Communication Protocol. It defines a common control message protocol used among all vehicles, computers and software forming the LSTS projects ecosystem. In other words, the IMC provides an effective means of communication among different systems in pursuit of a common goal, also allowing for a higher level of abstraction. Currently, the IMC has standalone bindings to Java, C++, Flutter/Dart, but not yet to Python, which requires a working C++ Dune build to run. Considering the growth of Python community and its significance in the scientific environment, my task is to develop a robust, lightweight and independent IMC binding that runs purely in Python. The new binding will be handy in RaMP and MASCOT projects, enabling different disciplines such as maths, physics, oceanography and biology to work together with a common goal. The tool will expose the LSTS ecosystem and all systems and vehicles in the LSTS toolchain to a more extensive user base.